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    Bagging Books Brouhaha: The Last Role Call 

    Finals are approaching and the classes have come to a close. This will be my last entry before signing off for a good while. I have had fun typing these blog posts and hopefully helping out with some tips on University of Dallas’ bookstores. This blog has had its ups and downs and too many polls but hey it was my first. I may want to come back and see if things have changed again in between semesters but for now this is my last entry for the year. I hope to expand more on my knowledge on blogging and in turn I hope everyone has a good semester next spring and do well on Finals! Signing Out.

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    Bagging Books Brouhaha: Getting the timing right 

    Finals are getting close University of Dallas students and while studying may be the first thing to do there is also time to look at the schedule and see which days are good for selling your books back. For others this is a time to catch those students selling books and intercept them if they have just finished a class you need to take next semester.

    Here is the link to see what the exam schedule is: Finals 2010 Schedule

    One thing that cannot be helped is timing. Sometimes the students who have a class on the first day of testing get their books for a higher price than students with the same class doing book buyback at a later testing day. So what to do?

    Do not despair. Sort out the books that can be used for buyback early and see which ones are not needed for a upcoming final. Those books are the easiest to sell on the first day of buyback.

    Second, sometimes there are lines of people waiting for their turn to buyback a book. Strike up a conversation with a person in front or behind you and see which classes they are taking. They may be ending a class that you are taking next semester so exchange information and get their books.

    Third option is to talk to a teacher. They can see if they can reach students that have taken their class a previous semester and see if they still have their books. I lucked out one year when I took a Spanish class and my teacher contacted a former student of hers and I got the book from him. Maybe it can work for you, but don’t expect this option to be open with every teacher.

    Enjoy the Christmas break while at the same time do not stress out over future Finals. I hope to pass and not get angry at myself when grades come in. Happy hunting.

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    Bagging Books Brouhaha: Laugh or Give sighs of Relief UD students for Valero Books 

    Of all the sites I searched for cheap and new textbooks I don’t think I ever came across one that has its own Youtube channel. I have found one and was left dumbfounded by their video. The company is Valore Books and they have their own mascot in the form of a beaver named Victor. He became an honorary student at PSU.

    Also included on the site are links to their Facebook page, Twitter page, Myspace page, information about scholarships, video clips of the Jersey Shore show for some reason, and their blog.

    To access their services you have to sign up and make an account just like what Amazon.com does. They will accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards as payment for their books.

    Below is their Youtube video posted four years ago in regards to the increasing textbook prices. I have no words for what I saw, but it is safe for work.

    P.S. Their goal is to have 15,000 fans someday.

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    Bagging Books Brouhaha: Update on UD Banner Web 

    On Friday I went to the bookstore to see if the system Manager Matt told me about a few weeks back was installed yet. So far, he has not received any requests from the teachers so he has not been able to provide a list of books for next semester nor Interterm.

    That’s all.

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    Poll: Should the University of Dallas bookstore hold books longer? 

    At this moment a book reserved at the University of Dallas bookstore can be hold until the end of the day. However this may prove a problem for some as they try and get the money to pay for the book.

    Voice your opinion now.

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    Bity Book Bite: Textbook Checking by Setting up the Schedule 

    To the University of Dallas students, one important thing coming up this week is registering for new classes. Once a student sets those up it is time to find out which books are available now and then to compare them later on in the year. Some books may change between now and the next semester but some books remain the same for a class each semester so ask early.

    Get easier deals now as more people will try to sell their books back after Midterms or after Finals. Secure a book by looking at your finished schedule and then once a student is sure that those are the classes are the ones they want, get the books that won’t change between now and next semester.

    Less books to get when the next semester rolls in.

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    Bagging Books Brouhaha: Employing Shelf Tags in University of Dallas 

    Shelf Tags are a very important thing to look at in the University of Dallas bookstore. Each tag lists the class number which the book is for. If the teacher has more than one book needed for their class then when you find one book you can see on the left hand corner how many are left for their class.

    Usually a shelf tag looks similar to this one below:

    This year I saw there are “For Rent” tags that distinguish the new system. These have been newly implemented and so hopefully the system makes it easier for students who can’t purchase the book right away to have it ready for class.

    The biggest clue to determine which books are for rent and which aren’t if the “for rent” tab is not on the side of the shelf tag is a section below the prices that says the rental price.

    So pay close attention when in the bookstore. These shelf tags have cleared much confusion.

    Thanks to Manager Matt for allowing the photos to be taken. Thanks to picture taker of photos of shelf tags that were taken by Laura Victor. Through the eyes of a freshman she observes with new eyes the UD system. Her blog can be found here

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    Bagging Books Brouhaha: Manager Matt knows where it’s at 

    While the University of Dallas site lists Anita Johnson as the Bookstore Manager, it is the guy with the auburn sideburns named Matt who one should go to.

    Matt takes in the requests the professors hand over as to which books need to be sent to the University. Sometimes those same professors change their minds but the books still find their way in.

    The next few blog posts will focus on what Matt faces as the Textbook manager and what he has observed each year. As each new semester comes in, one can only hope that the books come in.

    P.S. For starters, Matt says that the book prices are not instituted by the University of Dallas. The books’ publishers charge the prices and he lists them.

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    Bagging Books Brouhaha: University of Dallas Library Changes 

    I have been working in the library seven weeks now and have seen students confused at some changes the library has instituted this year. For one, I was surprised to hear that the library is no longer using bar codes.

    This time is a fact checker blog and not a strategy entry. This entry will focus on things I have observed while working in the UD library and what have confused students the most so far: The Library Cards and number of books they can check out.

    Library Cards:

    The bar code number that used to allow students to check out books is now obsolete. The new ID cards given at the beginning of the year have been infused with a number that will be registered into the library system. However you have to go to the library and have the numbers changed.

    Some people have saved their library cards from a previous year and tried to use those without knowing about the new system.

    To obtain a new card, go to the Campus Safety office in the Haggar building and ask them for a new ID card. That is all it takes.

    Limit of Books to check out:

    Each student has a limit of thirty books that they can check out at one time. Additionally, each book can be renewed three times unless someone has reserved the book while you have it in your possession.

    Hope this helps and again continue in your quest for books. Any other information can be found on the University of Dallas site under their Library section.

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    Bagging Books Brouhaha: University of Dallas has eBooks 

    On the University of Dallas bookstore site
    I came across something I never would have clicked on:


    The University of Dallas is moving into a technological age by adding eBooks to their stock. The site doesn’t provide a list of their eBook titles just yet but if you stop by and ask about them in the bookstore then you might find out which titles are available.

    If you can’t purchase the paperback or hardcover for the day then turn to the eBook.

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