Bagging Books Brouhaha: University of Dallas Library Changes

I have been working in the library seven weeks now and have seen students confused at some changes the library has instituted this year. For one, I was surprised to hear that the library is no longer using bar codes.

This time is a fact checker blog and not a strategy entry. This entry will focus on things I have observed while working in the UD library and what have confused students the most so far: The Library Cards and number of books they can check out.

Library Cards:

The bar code number that used to allow students to check out books is now obsolete. The new ID cards given at the beginning of the year have been infused with a number that will be registered into the library system. However you have to go to the library and have the numbers changed.

Some people have saved their library cards from a previous year and tried to use those without knowing about the new system.

To obtain a new card, go to the Campus Safety office in the Haggar building and ask them for a new ID card. That is all it takes.

Limit of Books to check out:

Each student has a limit of thirty books that they can check out at one time. Additionally, each book can be renewed three times unless someone has reserved the book while you have it in your possession.

Hope this helps and again continue in your quest for books. Any other information can be found on the University of Dallas site under their Library section.