Bity Book Bite: “BYNS” Books You Never Sell

Sometimes students buy books and then never need them again after that one semester. However there are books that, unless someone told you, you need again for another class later on.

If you are a Politics major at The University of Dallas, one of these books may be:

The Republic Of Plato: Second Edition [Paperback]
Plato (Author), Allan Bloom (Translator)

In my freshmen year, I used this book for one class: Philosophy and Ethical Life. Now I am a Senior and am in the class Plato’s Republic and to my surprise I needed this book again.

For the most part this won’t happen but in those few cases where it does find out quickly. It is a really frustrating moment buying the same book more than once.

Advice: Find out what major you want early and then discuss your classes with your adviser. Your adviser may know which books you need to hold onto. Asking a graduate student who has that field may help as well especially if they took the same classes you are currently taking.

Here’s hoping your money is well saved.