Bagging Books: Libraries close enough to the University

When a teacher gives an assignment and you have only the weekend to get that book, one is pretty much doomed at the University of Dallas.

If there is one thing troublesome about the University of Dallas, it is the fact that there is pretty much nothing within walking distance except for one lone convenience store.

If the convenience store doesn’t have what you need then a Dart bus provides the only method of escape but you have to get the timing right or you end up stranded in a unfamiliar place.

The University’s store (where the textbooks are held) provides a few necessary items but closes at bad times when you think it would be most needed. Those times are the weekends.

According to their site these are the times that the University of Dallas store is open on weekends.

Sat 10:00 AM-2:00 PM

So…bad luck there.

If you try to order a book from online then it may arrive but the post office is closed on weekends and you need to sign a form before getting your book so bad luck there too.

Last chance is the library.

For the fortunate ones that brought their cars and the ones who have made friends with those people with cars, they can escape. Within 3 miles one can reach a library by car.

Here is a short list of the nearest libraries near the University of Dallas the rest can be found on the map below provided by Google Maps.

  • Irving East Library,  440 S Nursery Rd # 103: 9-10 minute drive depending on route
  • Irving Public Libraries: Central Library, 801 W Irving Blvd:  10-11 minute drive depending on route
  • Irving Northwest Library, 2928 N Belt Line Rd: 10-12 minute drive depending on route