Bagging Books #2: Online Booking and University of Dallas Freshmen 

If there is one thing I want to warn any freshmen coming to the University of Dallas website is Know Your Class Code

It’s bad enough to remember the title of the book you need but another to have to check your class number as well.

A sequence of events is required to see which books you need for the class.

When first seeing the bookstore page there are three drop-down boxes to select

  • Select Your Program
  • Select Your Term
  • Search by Course ID or Select Your Department

The last box is where things can get confusing unless you know your class number. Some courses have different class numbers and so they each have different books that are required for that class.

The classes for the University of Dallas are not distinguished by name on this site but by number. That is the most important thing to remember when searching for textbooks in the UD online bookstore.