Bagging Books #1: Knowing your college website’s layout.

When looking for books to start the new semester, one must know where to look. One of these sources is the college website as this is where a student can check which books they need for the semester. A link is provided that links the student to the bookstore. However a snag hits when one cannot find the link and is stuck for the moment until they find the search engine. What if typing the word “bookstore” in the search engine didn’t find any results…then what?

Well using the University of Dallas as an example I’ve decided to go back to the days where I was a freshman and search for the bookstore link.

Here is a screenshot of the entire website as seen when first arriving.

There are large enough tabs and a photo in the middle but where do you find the bookstore link?

At the bottom, underneath the quick links section, written in small text.

University of Dallas does have a bookstore link but the location is easy to miss. Thankfully their search engine provides a good alternative but would it be nice to have the bookstore link featured as a scroll underneath the big tabs on the top of the page.

At least from this perspective the search would go much easier and without too much hassle.